The Majestic MBR

Firstly, our most sincere apologies for the delays in getting this episode out; hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Also, the audio quality might not quite be up to par – this is probably related to the problems we had with the actual recording. Anyway, it’s not like I produce NPR-quality podcasts, what do you want from me???

In this episode, we pay tribute to the fabulous and wonderful Majel Barrett Roddenberry. If you’re unfamiliar with her place in Trek history, are you sure you’ve go the right podcast? If you don’t know her, go watch her episodes, we’ll wait.

Caught up? Ain’t she just BRILLIANT? Hashtag life goals. Lwaxana, at least, if not MBR herself.

We also talk movie trailers and the new TV show, but that got abruptly cut off. C’est la vie.


Hear us here!



01 – Shenanigans
Runtime: 00:00:00 – 00:01:29

02 – Intro and A Toast to The Majestic MBR
Runtime: 00:01:29 – 00:03:58

03 – The Original Series: Number One and Nurse/Doctor Chapel
Runtime: 00:03:58 – 00:19:18

04 – The Next Generation: Lwaxana Troi
Runtime: 00:19:18 – 00:43:09

05 – Deep Space Nine: Lwaxana and Odo
Runtime: 00:43:09 – 00:52:37

06 – Lwaxana and Deanna
Runtime: 00:52:37 – 00:59:21

07 – Another Toast to MBR
Runtime: 00:59:21 – 00:59:54

08 – Ari Can’t Not Mention Star Wars
Runtime: 00:59:54 – 01:00:52

09 – Star Trek Beyond Trailer Discussion
Runtime: 01:00:52 – 01:08:39

10 – New Star Trek TV Show: Discussion of Hopes and Fears
Runtime: 01:08:39 – 01:15:07

11 – Fiona Explains Our Audio Fail
Runtime: 01:15:07 – 01:16:57

12 – Goodbye, Social Media Info, More Shenanigans
Runtime: 01:16:57 – 01:20:04

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-Show notes by AB


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