Starfleet Is EVIL.

In this episode, we struggle to stay on the topic we meant to talk about; Season 3 TNG’s ‘The Offspring’ (SPOILERS: Data becomes a daddy for about 42 minutes) and Season 5 DS9’s ‘The Begotten’. Totally not the same story, why would you say that? Odo not only becomes a quasi-parent, he also resolves his daddy issues. Totes not the same.

As we ended up talking about a wide variety of things, we’ll try to ensure that there’s actually show notes if there’s anything you want to find out more about. That Enterprise D sim? You’ll want to see that. Fiona is already saving for the VR headset specifically for that.

Any questions or comments of feedback, you can get in touch with us in various ways: – @angeltwopod on Twitter or

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